What We Learned from the Graphic Design Trends of 2021


With the average company now spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, graphic design budgets are climbing higher and higher. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing with that money, you could blow your cash on a design that’s stuck in all the wrong trends. Make sure you know what your design should … Read more

Business Basics: How Do I Make a Pay Stub?


Starting a business was a thrilling adventure until you reached the minutia. Instead of working on big ideas, time goes to the day-to-day operations. The feeling you’ve hit a plateau is very real as you’re out of time to get things done. Technology is a tool and when used right can save us from boredom … Read more

9 Jaw-Dropping App Design Tips for Your Mobile App


Well over 6000 Android apps hit the market every day. Overall, 1.7 new apps come out every minute! That’s a lot of new apps! Competition to create a successful app is fierce. Unfortunately, the vast majority of new mobile apps fall by the wayside, lost to the ever-growing pile of failed phone applications. How do you stand … Read more

How to Start a Web Design Business in 7 Simple Steps

Being your own boss comes with an unbeatable feeling of independence. Few fields accommodate startup and work-from-home businesses as well as the world of web design, so starting a web design business is a natural step in the direction of that independence. Because it is such an attractive field, it is also oversaturated. The internet … Read more

5 Tips for Designing the Best Car Wrap

car wrap

What’s better than buying a brand-new car for the company? Getting an awesome car wrap made for it! It’s one thing to have a vehicle that makes it easy for you to transport goods and fulfill orders. But, there’s a whole other world of benefits available when you start thinking about cars as marketing tools. … Read more

5 Simple Web Design Tips to Help You Create an Engaging Site

simple web design

  For business owners and entrepreneurs, the importance of a digital marketing strategy has never been greater. Americans spend nearly 24 hours per week online. Capturing that audience is foremost in the mind of many marketing professionals. They invest in ad campaigns and digital marketing strategies to drive sales. But many companies overlook the basics. … Read more

Pretty Letters: 6 Beautiful Fonts Trending In Web Design In 2021


For instance, did you know there are 111 different styles of Helvetica alone? Clearly, there’s no shortage of fonts to choose from online! But that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Ironically, an excessive amount of choice often makes decision-making harder. Having thousands of fonts available can actually make the job of a web designer more … Read more