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Universities should help students get a job after graduation

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Despite the overall improvement in the labor market and the decline in unemployment, the situation with finding jobs for both college and university graduates remains difficult.

Engineers, educators and health care workers are in the most preferred position. Graduates in these specialties are most likely to find work (75%) and among them exists the smallest percentage of the unemployed (from 3 to 5%). In other specialties, the situation is more intense.

What students should do in order to reduce the risk of being unemployed with a new diploma?

It may sound banal, but the main requirement is good learning. The higher your GPA, the greater the chance that you will be considered a conscientious worker, because for the majority of students studying is a kind of full-time job.

The next factor affecting your value in the eyes of an employer is the presence in your resume of internships at enterprises in your specialty. In the second or third year, it is desirable to begin an active search for part-time work in addition to practical training, which often gives little experience. Both employers and recruiters discuss that a graduate with 2-3 years of experience looks like a better candidate for a vacancy than his/her classmate without experience, even if the latter has a diploma with honors.

Try to find paid practice. In this case, companies tend to use future graduates in their specialty, which, in turn, increases their value in the labor market.

The next point regarding job search is to try to use an Internet resource. Try to use them actively. You need to register your profile, join groups in which professionals from your industry participate, and take an active part in their communication. All this will help you, both in establishing the necessary contacts, and in search of a good position.

Attend Doors Open Day. In some large projects there are peculiar open-door days when a company invites either everyone, or invites you to visit a company/enterprise within the framework of cooperation with the university. Monitor and attend such events and be sure to immediately offer yourself as young and promising, ready to study under any conditions, although in such cases you can even bargain for your interests.

And finally, prepare a 30-second presentation about yourself as a specialist. Use it for your own advancement at every opportunity. Remember the old joke: ” If you don’t blow your own horn, no one will do it for you”.

So, we found out what should a student do while studying for his/her further employment. However, sometimes all the above is not enough for a young specialist to find a decent job. And here the question arises: how do universities help their students in getting a job? After all, the indicator of employment of graduates of the university, according to the received specialty is one of the main criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of an educational institution.

Pro-Papers experts inquired about the role of universities in the student employment and conducted their own analysis of existing experience in this direction.

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So, for example, various agencies, representative offices, and committees successfully work at the University of Bonn. Their goal is to support students and graduates at the stage of choosing a profession, in the process of studying, and when looking for work.

“An employment agency was created there,” explains David Durr, hiring manager in Pro-Papers. “Applicants and students receive information about employment opportunities after graduation, about the situation on the labor market, about the chances of finding a job in the specialty. Employees report vacancies in the region. Evening meetings are organized, representatives of companies operating in the region are invited. They arrange presentations of companies, answer questions from listeners, inform about the presence of vacancies in their company. One of the most interesting moments is a business game, the participant is offered to present himself/herself as an applicant and try his/her hand at interviewing employers,” says David.

The Bonn University Career Center supports students in their job search and offers various activities on resume writing, career planning, etc. To participate in events, you must fill out the registration form online (participation is paid). You can contact a career center for legal support: sign an employment contract, get advice on labor issues, etc. Vacancies for students at the university and beyond are published on the website of the career center on the Internet.

The University of Bonn provides students with the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications that may be useful when looking for work: 1. Web design, programming skills, working with statistical programs and data banks, etc.; 2. Foreign languages ​​3. Performing before a large audience, conducting a competent dialogue, business correspondence, making presentations, teamwork, competent completion of conflict situations, the basics of journalism, public work.

The University of Bonn informs about the availability of vacancies in the region, the country and beyond, placing a description of positions and links to electronic job fairs on the university’s pages on the Internet, printed announcements are placed in specially allocated bulletin boards in the university. Over 38 thousand ads are placed on the web portal of vacancies of the University of Bonn. Firms and companies interested in posting vacancies on the university page can post their ads after the registration procedure.

Thus, as we see in the already existing experience, the role of the university in the student employment is difficult to overestimate. Young, not yet experienced specialists need some help from the administration of the university, which, by organizing the work of specialized agencies, conducting all kinds of professional trainings and informing about the availability of vacancies, steer its graduates on the right course.

Universities can and even should contribute to their graduates in employment. Perhaps, if the majority of colleges and universities follow the example of the existing practice in helping students, the number of people working in the specialty and the number of successful careers in the country would be increased!

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