36+ Free WordPress Portfolio Themes to build Portfolio Websites

Now a days it has become very important to showcase your work in a most presentable manner to your clients, not only in the form of hard copies but on web too. It’s the time of globalization and you never know from where may you get the business. There is no doubt that you should target the local market to get as much business as possible but you must have online presence too, because it’s not possible even in the local market to walk everywhere to show your work to the clients.

Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, writer or a photographer, your portfolio is the mirror of your hard work and it has to look great and if you have decided to go online then you have made the right decision. The second right decision which you have taken is to use WordPress as your content management system because it is the most popular, easy to use, easy to administer or manage and most of all, free to download.

The third decision which you need to take is to choose the right Portfolio theme for your WordPress CMS because, if you fail there then all your hard work may go into the vein. In order to help you with selecting the best WordPress Portfolio Theme, I have handpicked and listed the best ones in this post. All you have to do is go through the post, check out each and every WordPress Portfolio Theme and pick the one you think is most suitable for you and can showcase your work beautifully.

My personal suggestion for you would be to first install a local instance of WordPress on you laptop or desktop followed by downloading some of the Portfolio themes listed below. Once you download, install the theme in WordPress from the admin dashboard and see if the theme is good for you or not. Just check out as many Portfolio themes as you can and I am sure you will definitely find a theme as per your taste and requirements.

I would also like to suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter because all new WordPress Portfolio Themes will be added to this very post and I am sure you do not want to miss them. There is not hard and fast rule that you cannot change the theme later. You can start with one and change it later, if you find a better one. So, please subscribe.

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Expositio – Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme

Expositio is a free WordPress Portfolio Theme which has been specifically designed for designers and photographers. The theme has a horizontal  scrolling for displaying visual materials like photographs and designs which gives a unique user experience.

Expositio is compatible with all latest web browsers and has a secure and valid CSS3 and HTML5 code. I would say that Expositio is a brilliantly thought and designed WordPress theme for designers and photographers.

[symple_button url=”http://wpshower.com/demo/?preview_theme=expositio” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://wpshower.com/downloads/expositio.zip” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Responsive Portfolio – WordPress Theme

Responsive portfolio is a professionally designed WordPress Portfolio Theme which is not only free but packed with a lot of powerful features. The main purpose of this theme is to let designers showcase their portfolio in an elegant and professional manner.

The color combination and fonts used to build this theme really adds to its class. Portfolio responsive theme is a fully responsive and retina ready theme which not only comes with valid XHTML and CSS but also compatible with all latest versions of WordPress.

The theme is also fully search engine optimized and compatible with all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10+. The great thing about this theme is that it can be used on unlimited domains.

[symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/responsiveportfoliotheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/responsive-portfolio-theme-free-2014/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Portfolio Blog – WordPress Theme

Portfolio Blog is the second in my list of Free WordPress Portfolio Themes and has been designed by the same company as Responsive Portfolio theme listed above. Portfolio blog is another great theme to showcase your portfolio in style. The theme comes with a responsive slider, custom background color settings option, custom background image option and not to say, menus capability too.

The theme has a responsive design which means, it will fit perfectly not only on the desktop and laptop screens but also on other devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Portfolio blog theme comes with valid XHTML and CSS and is compatible with all latest versions of WordPress. The theme is also fully search engine optimized and compatible with all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10+.

[symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/portfolioblogtheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/portfolio-blog-theme-responsive-free/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Creative Portfolio is the third in my list of Free WordPress Portfolio Themes and has been designed by the same company as the above listed two themes. Creative Portfolio is a responsive theme with a clean and minimal layout and a great choice for creative agencies to showcase their work and portfolios.

It has a slider on the home page where you can showcase your most effective and powerful work without hassle. Creative Portfolio theme also comes with valid XHTML and CSS and is compatible with all latest versions of WordPress too. You don’t have to customize this theme for SEO as it has got the inbuilt capabilities for fully search engine optimization.

Creative Portfolio has been designed to run and display properly on all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10+. The theme can be used on unlimited number of domains and let’s you also take advantage of the free support and updates.

[symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/unittheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/creative-portfolio-theme-responsive-free/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Mixfolio WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Mixfolio is a simple but very cleverly designed Free WordPress Portfolio theme. As you can see in the snapshot below, it has a header for writing an attention grabbing statement related to your services and work which is a very good feature and not available with all free themes.

Mixfolio WordPress Portfolio Theme


Second great feature of Mixfolio theme is , as you can see above that it lets you showcase the preview of all your great work in the form of a  thumbnails which is simply creative and in trend stuff. Once you open a post by clicking on the thumbnail, you will see the post structure has two tabs. One tab is for the media itself like pictures etc. and other one for details.

Mixfolio also let’s you socialize by providing you some cool widgets which you cal use on the sidebars to connect with your readers.

[symple_button url=”http://www.nimbusthemes.com/out/mixfolio/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.nimbusthemes.com/out/mixfolio/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Hatch WordPress Portfolio Theme

Hatch is another great Free WordPress Portfolio Theme which is simple, elegant and suitable for personal portfolios. Hatch comes with a responsive design which makes it perfect for not only viewing on desktops or laptops but also on smart mobile devices.

Hatch WordPress Portfolio Theme

Hatch has a bright white background which gives it an elegant and classy look. As you can see above, there is a section for you to describe yourself, your work and portfolio along with a large photo on the right side which really makes it not only beautiful but very attractive. The rest of your work can be shown in the form of thumbnails just like the Mixfolio theme.

The theme let you make customizations to suite and meet your own taste and requirements. You can customize the background and header of the theme pretty easily from the WordPress admin dashboard.

[symple_button url=”http://demo.alienwp.com/hatch/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/hatch/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Simp – Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

Before, I say that its a WordPress theme, I would like to say what you see below is a PSD file, but don’t worry, a Free WordPress version is available for this template.

Simp as the name says, is a minimal WordPress Portfolio Theme best suited for agencies or companies to showcase your services and company portfolios. The theme comes with a grid layout but you have the option for other 3 layouts too. Apart from the 4 different layouts, you also get a contact page, short codes and some widgets for the sidebars.

All in all, Simp is a beautiful minimal and great looking WordPress Portfolio Theme to showcase the portfolios.

[symple_button url=”http://www.themeraid.com/themes/simp/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwvfdYC6fPf9cEZBOE1zSEJmOGc/view?usp=sharing” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

ArtWorks WordPress Portfolio Theme

Artwork Portfolio is one of my favorite Free WordPress Portfolio Theme which has a premium looks and stylish large thumbnails design. The theme comes with a large header where you can write a description of who you are and what you do.

ArtWorks WordPress Portfolio Theme

Artwork is a fully responsive and SEO optimized theme and pretty easy to customize. You can make changes to it as per your own requirements within seconds from the admin dashboard.

[symple_button url=”http://www.dessign.net/artworksresponsivetheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/art-works-responsive-theme-free-2013/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

TA Portfolio WordPress Theme

TA Portfolio is a great choice for creative designers, agencies and even for freelancers who would like to display all their stuff in a single page. Yes, TA Portfolio is a single page Free WordPress Portfolio Theme and comes with a very clean and beautiful design.

The theme has been built using Bootstrap 3 and fully responsive which means you don’t have to worry about how your site will look on mobile devices. The theme is packed with several great feature like flexible blog module, responsive portfolio grid and powerful Redux theme options which lets you customize this theme with ease.

[symple_button url=”http://demo.themeart.co/#portfolio” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://themeart.co/free-theme/ta-portfolio/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Gavik Portfolio WordPress Theme

Gavik is an image focused Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for graphic designers who would like to showcase their work in the form of big and smartly designed thumbnails.

Gavik is a pretty professionally designed theme not only to showcase your work but to perform also. Due to the fact that Gavik is a light weight Portfolio theme with a minimal design, it loads extremely fast on all web browsers. Another great feature of this theme is responsiveness which makes it fit perfectly on all screen types and sizes; be it desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

[symple_button url=”https://demo.gavick.com/wordpress/portfolio/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.gavick.com/download/download-wordpress-themes/portfolio_wp” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Virtue – WordPress Portfolio Theme

First things first, it is hard to find a theme like Virtue and that too for free. Virtue has a versatile design which makes it perfect to be used as any kind of site; be it a personal blog, online store, portfolio blog or any other kind of business.


Virtue is a great Free WordPress Portfolio Theme designed with HTML5 and CSS3. It also uses the responsive bootstrap framework which makes it fully responsive and compatible with all device types. You can do a lot with this theme as it is packed with a lot of features and functionalities. It easily and smoothly lets you control the home layouts, fonts, widgets, sliders and much more.

If as a graphic designer or agency or freelancer, you want to sell your designs online, it is very much possible with Virtue because it is completely e-commerce (Woocommerce) ready.

[symple_button url=”https://wp-themes.com/virtue” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/virtue.2.4.8.zip” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Photum WordPress Portfolio Theme

Another great Free WordPress Portfolio Theme in this collection is “Photum” and as the name says, it is best suited for photographers to showcase their portfolio. Photum is a content focused theme because of its design; you can see that there is a small navigation area on the left side and the right hand side has dedicated area to showcase the portfolio.

Photum is a simple theme which has a responsive design and also let’s you customize a little like logo and header information from the admin dashboard. It has got the basic functionality as any other WordPress Portfolio Theme and as I said it is best suited for showcasing pictures related work.

[symple_button url=”http://photographicblog.com/themes/photum/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://wplift.com/theme-release-photum-free-wordpress-photography-theme” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

PinBin WordPress Portfolio Theme

Pinbin is a minimal, clean, Pinterest inspired WordPress Portfolio Theme and best suited for graphic designers, web designers and even for photographers to showcase their portfolios.

Pinbin is not only minimal but also has a responsive design which makes it appear perfectly on different device types. Pinbin is also a very fast loading theme because of its light weight coding and lesser number of files.

[symple_button url=”http://colorlib.com/pinbin” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://colorlib.com/wp/themes/pinbin” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Portfolio Press WordPress Theme

Portfolio Press is yet another Free WordPress Portfolio Theme with a full responsive design. It can not only used by designers to showcase their portfolios but also by regular bloggers as a blog.

[symple_button url=”http://themes.wptheming.com/portfolio/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/portfolio-press/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Slider WordPress Portfolio Theme

Slider get its name by its design. As you can see in the picture below, just a slider on the homepage with some social integration and copyright note in the footer. Slider is a responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme which not only comes with a custom background and a modern design but also with valid XHTML and CSS but also compatible with all latest versions of WordPress.

Slider WordPress Portfolio Theme

The theme is also fully search engine optimized and compatible with all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 10+.

[symple_button url=”http://www.dessign.net/sliderresponsivetheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/slider-responsive-theme-free-2013/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Adapt WordPress Portfolio Theme

Adapt 2.0 is a free and responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme with a clean and elegant design. This theme is best suited for agencies, graphic designers to showcase their portfolios and even for business.

[symple_button url=”http://wpexplorer-demos.com/adapt/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.wpexplorer.com/adapt-free-responsive-wordpress-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Zerif Lite WordPress Portfolio Theme

Zerif Lite is a Free one page WordPress Portfolio Theme and perfect for agencies and graphic designers to showcase their portfolio and services. You can also use this theme as a photography site because of its versatile design.

Zerif Lite has been built using powerful bootstrap along with parallex support which makes it different then the rest of the free themes. That’s not all, it also is e-commerce (WooCommerce) Compatible, WPML, RTL, Retina-Ready and SEO Friendly.

[symple_button url=”http://themeisle.com/demo/?theme=Zerif%20Lite” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/zerif-lite” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Fukasawa WordPress Portfolio Theme

Fukasawa has a minimal design to let you post not only posts and images, but also videos in Pinterest inspired grid. A perfect Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for designers to showcase their work and portfolios.

Though Fukasawa is a free theme but does not compromise in the features. It includes several types of posts like image posts, gallery posts, video posts and regular old style posts. The theme has a responsive design which makes it perfect for viewing on mobile devices.

[symple_button url=”http://www.andersnoren.se/themes/fukasawa/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.andersnoren.se/teman/fukasawa-wordpress-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Architekt WordPress Portfolio Theme

Architekt WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://www.dessign.net/architekttheme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://dessign.net/architekt-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Evolve WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.theme4press.com/?theme=evolve” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/evolve” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Accelerate WordPress Portfolio Theme

Accelerate WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.themegrill.com/accelerate/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/accelerate/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Gridster Lite WordPress Portfolio Theme

Gridster Lite WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://themefurnacedemos.com/gridster/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://themefurnace.com/gridster-lite-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Widely WordPress Portfolio Theme

Widely WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://www.themeskingdom.com/wordpress-themes/widely-wordpress-theme” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.themeskingdom.com/wordpress-themes/widely-wordpress-theme” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Illustrious WordPress Portfolio Theme

Illustrious WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.cpothemes.com/?theme=illustrious” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.cpothemes.com/theme/illustrious” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Grid WordPress Portfolio Theme

Grid WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://www.dessign.net/gridthemeresponsive/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.dessign.net/grid-theme-responsive/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Wembly WordPress Portfolio Theme

Wembly WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.fabthemes.com/wembley/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://topwpthemes.com/wembley/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Pure WordPress Portfolio Theme

Pure WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/pure/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2014/09/free-download-pure-wordpress-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Torch WordPress Portfolio Theme

Torch WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://www.mageewp.com/torch/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://www.mageewp.com/torch-theme.html” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Panoramica WordPress Portfolio Theme

Panoramica WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.cpothemes.com/panoramica/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.cpothemes.com/theme/panoramica” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Phogra WordPress Portfolio Theme

Phogra WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.templatypus.com/phogra/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”https://wordpress.org/themes/phogra” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Spotlight  WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo (Not Available)[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://bootstrapee.com/spotlight-free-portfolio-wordpress-theme/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Asteria Lite WordPress Portfolio Theme

[symple_button url=”http://asterialite.towfiqi.com/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.towfiqi.com/asteria-lite-free-wordpress-theme.html” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Cleanistic Portfolio Theme for WordPress

[symple_button url=”http://cleanistic.wphub.com/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://www.wphub.com/free-wordpress-themes/cleanistic/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Celestino – Free Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

[symple_button url=”http://demo.yithemes.com/celestino/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Live Demo[/symple_button]  [symple_button url=”http://yithemes.com/?ddownload=60426″ color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

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