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When it comes to flyers, brochures, website themes, and graphic designs, you can find tons of design websites which tell a lot about free templates. We, at PSD Templates Blog, can do so much more for you. Creating a theme, template or a complete design may be tiring and time-consuming. That is why we have PSDs. A PSD stands for Photoshop Document, it is a file made with a layered image and is often used in Photoshop. At PSD Templates Blog, we offer you so much more, from fonts, icons, logos, website, print templates, and many more — surely we got everything in store for your designing needs. So if you need some inspiration and resources, you have come to the right place. Also, if reliable records interest you, visit free criminal records.

What is a PSD File?

PSD is normally the default file extension of the Photoshop files. As mentioned above, it is an acronym for “Photoshop Document”. This file format creatively contains multiple layers of images and can support many different imaging options. That is why PSD is a very ideal file format when it comes to designing and editing. These PSD files do have the capability of containing up to 30000 pixels of image data. These PSD files are generally used as templates which can be made into printable or print-ready formats like PNG or JPEG. It is undoubtedly the most used image format by many editors, artists, graphics designers, and other users for editing purposes.

What’s in store?

We have carefully chosen, curated, and prepared sets of templates that you can use with Photoshop, various creative fonts, different website, and print templates, WordPress themes, and plug-ins, and a couple of very helpful reviews.

Different categories

The Photoshop category contains everything you need for a Photoshop project. It includes the icons, mockups, logos, UI kits, app design, and even inspirations that might help you in coming up with a great Photoshop project. The fonts category is also made as a separate entitiy, this section contains all the artsy and creative fonts that you could ever imagine to use in your sites and graphic designs. They come in different styles such as comic-themed, hand-drawn, simple fonts, vintage and retro fonts and many more. When it comes to looking for the best font for your website, PSD templates blog got it all for you!

If you are looking for some cool templates for your websites, you can totally find it here too! We have a range of great signature and website templates for you. Different and multiple styles of print templates, such as ticket templates, invitation, and newspaper templates, are available too. If you are someone who is working with WordPress, we also have a growing range of themes and plug-ins that you can use to optimize your WordPress blog. These themes are brilliantly curated for different purposes such as product promotions, themes for creative people, for photographers, or for magazine and blog themes, and many more. Surely, you will find something that will perfectly suit you.

More than just templates

Here at PSD Templates Blog, we offer so much more than just templates and designs. We also bring you reliable reviews, inspirations, and effective tips and tricks. We also write inspirational posts that can help you when it comes to starting or even improving your projects or sites. When it comes to graphic designs, WordPress templates, Photoshop actions, web and design templates, and great themes, PSD Templates Blog surely has good stuff to offer. You’ll get everything you need for your designing and developing projects, and we guarantee you that!

Passionate graphic designers

At PSD Templates Blog, we are a team of passionate graphic designers, user interface and user experience experts, architects, and engineers who have a true passion for the subject and any relevant matter. We desire to help our fellow graphic designers and producers by presenting an offering the best free and premium resources online, as well as give you different reliable reviews and helpful tips and tricks for you!