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Do you want to become a digital photography or photoshop expert? Or, are you a novice when it comes to any type of graphic design? Or, maybe you consider yourself to be an expert, or you are a professional. Either way, you have landed at the right place, which is here at PSD Templates Blog. 

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to improve your skillset in graphic design and photoshop. Firstly, if you build websites, you can create your graphics instead of relying on others. You will save plenty of money that way. Secondly, you can tap into a lucrative field by going into graphic design. 

PSD Templates Blog has content that has to do with digital photography and photoshop just for you. Whether you are new to digital photography and photoshop or are a professional, you will find the resources you need to learn and improve your digital art skills. 

If you are a novice or desire to start learning about graphic design and photoshop, there is an entire section for you – which is the intro section. However, if you have digital art experience, you will find the advice, tips, tutorials, and resources you need to improve your skills. 

Meet the Team

At PSD Templates Blog, we are a team of passionate graphic designers, user interface and user experience experts, architects, and engineers who have a true passion for the subject and any relevant matter. We desire to help our fellow graphic designers and producers by presenting and offering the best free and premium resources online, as well as giving you different reliable reviews and helpful tips and tricks for you!

paul fordPaul Ford

Editor In Chief

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Paul is a graphics engineer, he has spent the majority of his career working in 3D CAD and advanced Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator and is am absolutely in love with everything related to graphics engineering. He has a degree of Master of Computer Science (MS).

He loves everything related to computers and graphics. Paul created PSD Templates to help people interested in Graphic design kickstart their careers.

Carla Di MambroCarla Di Mambro

Content Consultant

Carla Di Mambro was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and her interest in photography started when she got a disposable camera for her tenth birthday. Her parents encouraged her to go into the photography field, and she ended up going to the University of Colorado to take the Photography program.

Carla landed her first photography job after graduation at a wedding photography company in Boulder. Carla provides photography advice, tutorials, tips, and tricks to this website.

Today, Carla lives in Denver with her husband and three kids, and Maltese. Besides photography, Carla enjoys crocheting, creative writing, and traveling – she still has yet to see her country of ethnic origin, Italy.

Angela BensonAngela Benson

Writer, Researcher & Product Reviewer

Angela Benson was born and raised in San Jose, California, and always had a knack for creativity and art since she was a child. Angela is exceptionally creative, and ended up attending UCLA and went for the marketing, advertising, and PR program.

She wanted to develop practical marketing skills also to help her sell her artwork. In addition to that, Angela landed a job at a marketing and PR firm in San Francisco. That is where she now resides. She also took various art courses to improve her skills even more. Therefore, Angela is an artist and marketer and uses her creativity to focus on both.

She provides useful and helpful content to our site.

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Here at PSD Templates Blog, we offer so much more than just templates and designs. We also bring you reliable reviews, inspirations, and effective tips and tricks. We also write inspirational posts that can help you when it comes to starting or even improving your projects or sites.

When it comes to graphic designs, WordPress templates, Photoshop actions, web and design templates, and great themes, PSD Templates Blog surely has good stuff to offer. You’ll get everything you need for your designing and developing projects, and we guarantee you that!

We have carefully chosen, curated, and prepared sets of templates that you can use with Photoshop, various creative fonts, different website, and print templates, WordPress themes, and plug-ins, and a couple of very helpful reviews.

Intro to Digital Photography & Photoshop

Are you a novice at digital photography and photoshop? You are in the right section. You will learn about the basics of digital photography, graphic design, illustration, animation, and photoshop in this category. You can find information on what steps to take as a beginner in improving your digital art skills. Based on the growing technology, learning digital art and photoshop are essential DIY skills. If you know very little about any graphic design form, then this is the area to begin. 


This section will find tutorials on illustration, animation, logo creation, creating comic book text effects, and more. There are guides on how to improve your skillset in photoshop quickly and efficiently. If you want to begin creating greeting cards, you can find tutorials in this section to do that, which will save you have to spend money to buy them. In this section, you will also find tutorials to create 3D effects, drawing effects, text effects, UI design, abstract effects, as well as textures and patterns. 


There are so many other helpful resources around to help you improve your skillset in graphic design. If you want to take classes in photoshop or graphic design, you will find what type of digital art classes are available. In addition to that, if you are looking for graphic design jobs and careers, you can see that information here. You can also learn about other apps and tools to use to make your graphic design efforts top-notch. Here is the place for the resources you need when embarking on your digital art journey. 

Graphic Design Tips

When working in the graphic design field, you will always learn new tips and tricks to keep your digital artwork top-notch. This section will learn about how to minimize mistakes and what hacks to utilize to create excellent work. If you are a novice, you can use tips and tricks to simplify the learning curve. Professional graphic designers also need to know the information to keep improving their work. Here is the section to learn about all types of visual design tips. 

Guides on Fonts, 3D Modeling, and Free PSD

We have prepared the most extensive guides to help you as you take on this graphics journey! We sincerely hope that you enjoy what we have written, and please reach out to us for adjustments, improvements, or new product templates to review, we would be happy to! This includes an in-depth look at available fonts to use, 3D Modeling use cases, and of course Free PSD files to kick off your project.


There are tens of thousands of templates available in the graphics industry, and that is just focusing on the Adobe market itself, in this section, we narrow down your options as best as we can to help streamline your work function and/or recreational foray jump into this space. This includes comprehensive mockups, ready-to-go print templates, and everything related to WordPress themes.


All projects begin with some form of inspiration, this can come from studying professional graphic artists or professional designers as they undertake an entirely new gig, this section highlights just a few pieces from our entire inspiration category. We are confident you will love it!