5 Hot Trends in Web Design for Developers Who Want to Build Stunning Sites – In-depth Overviews

With over four billion people accessing the internet around the world, there are even more eyes for your products and services. When people come to your website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention.

Understanding trends in web design so you can give users the best experience is a must. Web surfers have more options than ever, and if your website isn’t up to par, your visitors are likely to click away from your competition.

Not all websites are created equal, and you need to understand what makes one website better than another. Continue reading this article to learn about web design trends for the upcoming year.

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5 Hot Trends in Web Design

As you surf websites, you’ll start to notice some of the following trends. While you might not want to implement all of them, implementing some of them can increase your website’s effectiveness. If you’ve been worried about whether you should build your website or not, these website design tips will help with that decision.

1. Mobile-First Optimization

Creating mobile websites is not new, but more people are recognizing the importance of being optimized for mobile. Whether people want to be optimized for mobile because more than 47% of internet traffic came from people using mobile devices.

Besides the fact that many people access your website through mobile, if you want to rank well in the search engines, you need to be mobile conscious. Google released its mobile-first update last year and websites that were not mobile got the boot out of the top search results.

When you’re thinking of mobile-first optimization, you want to make it easy for your visitors to see where they can click to make navigation larger. Many websites use the standard hamburger to do this. The rest of the site should load quickly and keep in mind that some phone users are on internet speeds as slow as 3g.

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2. Increased White Space

Have you visited a website and weren’t sure why you didn’t like it, but you found it difficult to read and navigate? In most cases, the reason you found the website difficult to read and navigate is that there was too much going on.

When you visit a website and can easily read it, you’ll find there is a significant amount of white space. While it might seem like a waste of valuable real estate when you don’t pack your entire website full of images and letters, you’re truly becoming more effective at communication.

You want your visitors to stay on your site and giving them white space is one of the website design tips that will help increase your readership time as long as your content is compelling.

3. Interactive Elements

Creating interactive elements for your website will increase visitor engagement. If you aren’t sure what interactive elements you’d like to add right away, here are some ideas for you.

  • Calculators
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • Website Flow
  • Games

There are many things you can do with the interactive elements, but you need to make sure they are on-brand. If you’re a serious company, you might not want to put a fun game on your website. If you’re a fun and friendly company, you might not gravitate toward something mechanical and cold like a calculator.

4. Large, Bolded Titles & Headers

Since many people are viewing websites on small devices, titles and headers are getting larger and bolder. The bigger, bolder fonts allow people to navigate your website easily. They can figure out what the page is about and navigate to where they want to go without frustration.

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5. Getting Creative With Footers

No one wants to go to the boring footer of a website. The bad thing is that important information is often in the footer. Your contact information, accolades, and other information are basically nonexistent because no one wants to view the footer.

Designers are getting creative now and making footers a work of art. Instead of the footer being a necessary evil and even an afterthought, designers are creating footers that rival the main page of the website.

How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

5 Hot Trends in Web Design

The whole goal of your website should be to serve your visitors. When they come to your website, you want to make sure they have a great experience. If your visitors don’t have a good experience not only won’t they come back, but they won’t refer you to their friends.

As you’re working on website design, think about how each element is going to affect your visitors.

Does the new element explain something easier? Does the new element showcase a product or service that is going to help the visitors?

Don’t throw your website together and hope it looks well designed. Make sure each piece is planned out, so the user experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Web designers are paying close attention to the importance of user experience because not only does it create return visitors, but it helps with SEO.

When Google and other search engines see your website visitors are sticking around on your website and getting value – they value you.

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Creating a Stunning Website

Everyone wants to have a stunning website that wows their visitors. If you aren’t a web designer, you may need to put this task into someone else’s hands.

Trusting someone else with your website is often a difficult situation, but with the information above, you know what’s hot and what’s not.

If you see your website going in a direction you’re not happy with, you can speak to your designer and have them make the necessary changes so that your website gets the results you want.


Now that you understand these trends in web design, you can work on your site to make it a work of art or use the designer of your choice. You may be using WordPress for your site, and we have resources that can help you.

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