Business Basics: How Do I Make a Pay Stub?

Starting a business was a thrilling adventure until you reached the minutia. Instead of working on big ideas, time goes to the day-to-day operations. The feeling you’ve hit a plateau is very real as you’re out of time to get things done.

Technology is a tool and when used right can save us from boredom and ruts.

Creating a pay stub for employees are one of these areas of business minutia. A paycheck stub is essential but your time is best spent elsewhere. This is where technology comes in… and in this article, you’ll learn how it works.

How to Create a Pay Stub and Save Hours of Business Potential

In the old days, employers detailed what’s owed to employees through hand-drawn payslips. This tedious system wasn’t efficient as organizations grew. It wouldn’t take long before the stub became electronic deposits and payroll cards.

Businesses have since shifted to using a pay stub services or tools for their needs. This reduces time spent crafting each stub while leaving detailed records.

Let’s explore the basics of check stubs and how you can create them.

Pay Stubs 101: What’s On the Document

A pay stub contains whatever data you need for the financial history. This could include items like rent and earnings. Or, employee payment and invoicing. 

The common information you’ll find on business pay stubs include:

An employer lists wages as “gross” detailing the hour’s work times pay rate. The employer will then factor deductions like state/federal taxes. Plus, deductions like contributions toward retirement plans and/or insurance.

The final result — the box you’re most likely looking for — is the net pay. The net pay is what employees get after everything takes out. 

In all, the stub provides a detailed account of completed labor. Recording this information demystifies payouts. Both parties may use the pay stub for record keeping in case something became amiss (eg. lost hours).

DIY Pay Stub Creation: Templates, Generators, and Services

You’re more than welcome to create a pay stub freehand. Yet, handcrafted pay stubs aren’t recommended as they are easily forged or forgotten. Instead, electronic filing provides the best protection as stubs get automatic backups.

There are three usual ways of generating a pay stub:

Templates are available in many word processors or graphics tools. Users input data in the predetermined fields and make changes as they see fit. The template is then exported, letting the user print and save the stub for record keeping.

A pay stub generator takes the hard work out of its production. Users select the payment type (ex. salary vs hourly), employment type, and state. The user follows on-screen prompts, entering information, and exports the created stub.

Check stub services connect business with professionals for their creation. This saves time at a cost but provides accountability if there are errors. Stubs may distribute to employees with reporting sent to employers.

The Pay Stub Matters in the 21st Century

Detailed accountability by way of a pay stub keeps both parties satisfied. The employer gets an overview of employee performance and expenses, while the employee gains transparency of where their labor contributes.

Leverage tech to make your operations easier like our example of creating pay stubs. Then, explore more ways to streamline with our free business print assets.