How to Get Clients using SEO Proposal Template

How to Get Clients using SEO Proposal Template


Rejection, the most painful reality of most SEO proposal writers. It is a living nightmare to spend hours drafting what you think will win you a million-dollar deal only to get a clean NO. Ideally, it makes more sense creating proposals that will earn you high close rates. If you are tired of the rejection, or maybe you just want to polish up your SEO proposals to increase chances then you are at the right place.


This article is meant to give you in-depth content, ideas and tips that will land you potential clients and the deals of your life.

1. How you pitch, matters

Everyone seems to have an idea of how the perfect SEO pitch should look and sound like. Getting your pitch right carries a lot of weight in determining the outcome of your proposal. Better pitching comes from doing multiple things in a way that is unique from what the rest of the world are doing.


Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Find out the client’s real problem


Find out first what the client wants as a project and why. Be detailed about it because it is in those details that you will get the selling points for your proposal. Once you get to the bottom of the what and why, you will be able to come up with a pitch revolving around the needs. Talk about totally customizing the pitch.


  • Plan your selling of the pitch

The secret of this approach or tip lies in the details. As humans, we are more interested in the details and how you are going to approach our problem in a way that gives us solutions. Talk about why you arrived at the recommended solution and why you think it will work.


  • Find a common ground

When it comes to decisions, we have two things to consider; the logical and emotional. Logic is behind the evaluation of the SEO proposals and the proper way to present it while the final decision is mostly a result of the emotion. It is the compatibility that wins the deal at the end of the day.

2. Go for custom made style that states your signature

The bottom line of this tip is to tell you to be you, go for what actually works for you. Find a way that you can make a presentation that no one else can. Pull some strings that cannot be pulled by anyone else. Go for that extra thought, extra detail, extra action that will make your presentation stand out.


Feel free to research for more tips. But remember to personalize the tips as much as possible as they should act as inspirations. The goal is to stand out, remember that.

3. Data should be factual

Data is important when it comes to presentation, but most of us fail at making the best approach in this. If you have to use data to pitch your idea, make sure it is right and minimum. Imagine having bulky data presented to a potential client, surely no one will look at it in any way. Your clients are being presented with this SEO writing and just showing you slides after slides of data. You will lose it.


When presenting your proposal, go for facts and have a quick way to relate it to what the problem is in the same way you are offering recommendations and solutions. Some of the important datas that can useful can be summarized as:


  • Ranking data report

Go straight to showing the keyword performance and the better performance of the VRL when it comes to search engines. With this information, compare it with what the potential clients consider as competitors. This should be as a result of an intense research. Also, highlight a dip in their search rankings if any as per your research.


  • SEO website audit

The website audit comes after realizing the problem through rank tracker. The audit is about getting to the bottom of the problem and collecting the causes of the problem. In doing this, you will find a chance and scope for optimization. Bad optimization results to affected traffic which may cost the owners of the website. Comparing your findings to the competitors will win the day for you.


Tips for an exemplary web audit overview


  • State the summary and meta issues


  • Find the linking and details of the content


  • Find the SEO factors that are correct and those that need fixing


  • Not the issues found in the content and the optimization of the keyword


  • Create a backlink summary in a way that it reports facts and offers insights as per the outcome of comparing the data of the potential client with the competitors’


  • Create a summary of the should include the overall likes and engagements as well as engagement of admin posts.


The Basic Flow of The Pitch

When approaching and presenting your proposal to the potential client, the pitching should flow. You need a well-organized and flowing ideas that work. According to the article from SEOJet entitled, SEO Proposal Template That Will Get You Better Clients, getting a new SEO client boils down to whether or not you can convince the potential client that you can get the job done. This is only possible if you get the hang of good flow of your ideas during the presentation.


  • Executive summary

The things you should mention in this section include the challenges of the business, the challenges of the SEO, baseline metrics and the end goals that you look forward to.


  • Why you are the best

Sell yourself and the services that you offer. State them in a way that the clients are able to see that they will help the client in the problem he may have. Try to balance your work, potential and the human side in a way that creates connection. Emotional connection always wins.


  • What’s at stake

Let the client know what they have to lose if they let your services go by. Show them what you can do better and why you are the best.


  • The proposal

Go for recommendations that addresses the issues that have been identified. Text and images are recommended in this part. Justify your choice of techniques and your approach.


  • Analytics and progress

This is where you give the client the power to see the results of what you will do and be able to monitor the growth. This way, the work is out there for him to monitor progress and performance.


  • Timeline

Timeline is about providing a time sequence of tasks the during the entire time you will be working on the project. Name the tasks, assign duties to specific people and give a logical deadline. This will give your services a sense of organization and planning.


  • Dependencies

List what the client will need should they choose you. List if you will want to access CMS, web analytical data, etc.




Now that you have the tips that are a huge selling point, get yourself some clients. If you are thorough, determined and have a potential client, these tips will come a long way in making your SEO proposal template give you million-dollar deals.