Flagship – A Slab Rounded Free Font Download


This post is showcasing a beautiful font designed and released by Gumpita Rahayu. As said above, Flagship is a slab rounded font which comes in two varieties, Bold and Regular and is best suitable for writing beautiful headlines or posters. But you are not limited to headlines and posters only, it all depends on your … Read more

Belladona Font- Free Download


Belladona is a free font and the name has been given after Atropa belladonna, commonly known as belladona, belladonna or deadly nightshade. This freebie has been designed and released by Tano Veron. [symple_button url=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpj01sxx72gukv0/BELLADONA.zip?dl=0″ color=”black” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

Le Super Serif – Free Font Download

le super serif free font

Download Le Super Serif Fashionable Free Font. The Font has a style theme and looks amazing.

Le Super Serif is a very stylish and an absolute fashion themed free font designed and released by SuperBruut. It is an uppercase typeface with a great modern western touch to it. It comes with 88 ligatures and some very good looking special alternate characters.You can have a look at those characters in the images below. It has been designed in Regular and Semi-Bold weights and the best part is that it is free for personal use.

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Papyrus Font – Free Download

papyrus font

This post brings to you a very popular handcrafted font which was created in the year 1982 by Chris Costello. Papyrus Font is, primarily, a combination of traditions roman letters with calligraphy. Below you can see how this font’s characters looks like in capital and small letters along with numbers. You can download this font for free and use it in your future or ongoing projects.

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50+ Best Script Fonts – Free Download

50+ Best Script Fonts – Free Download

Download Some of the best and Free Script Fonts. The following Script Fonts have been handpicked for you. This post brings some of the best, elegant, fancy and professional free script fonts for you to download and use. The creation and design of script fonts are based on real handwriting in a fluid manner. The … Read more

Constantine – A Roman style Free font


Constantine is one of the much appreciated roman style font around. It gives you a look and feel of roman era and it is meant to because it has been inspired by the emporer Constantine the Great. A little bit of history, the emperor was born in Nowadays Serbia in the city called Naissus (Nish) … Read more