15+ Free Event Ticket Mockups – Full Guide, FAQs & More

A roundup of some of the finest PSD ticket mockups currently available to be downloaded right away!

Designing tickets on your own can be cumbersome. No matter how hard we try, it’s tough to get the perfect design that looks awesome as well. Thanks to the rise of web portals sharing design content (some for free and the rest for a small premium), there’s a variety of design inspiration available easily – not to mention the ready-to-use templates which can take you from downloading to printing out your tickets within just a few minutes!

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Free Event Ticket Mockups

Whether it’s a concert ticket or a gift coupon, tickets have been the way to go. Even though the mobile revolution has come in, and confirmations are being delivered instantly to wherever you are – people still need to carry tickets to most venues and stores. Apart from that, it’s something more tangible to carry around, hand over or just show off than an SMS.

Usage of the template mockups is just limited by your own imagination but not limited to:

– handing over discount coupons to visitors of a restaurant or store,

– tickets to a local event like a seminar or a stand-up comedy show,

– discount offer cards which can be conveniently placed inside books or magazines,

– entry tickets for clubs and parties

– even for designing access cards for hotels

Guess what? They are also being delivered inside the UI of various apps that let the users make reservations online. So, these days – it just isn’t about printing on paper or cardboard only – but also delivering these tickets digitally via email or otherwise.

There are many ticket mockups that also carry the option to place bar codes and QR codes on mass-produced which require verification or tracking. Not to mention that the two sides of the ticket provide sufficient space which can be used to print things like entry route for people going to a public concert, offer details and conditions on tickets carrying discount offers, and venue / timing related information for people attending seminars as well.

The suggestions mentioned above will give you enough ideas to pitch to your prospective or existing clients. Branding tickets has never been easier. Instead of using a mediocre design, it’s advisable to use the same color theme and fonts as used to create other marketing material for the brand.

Considering that your ticket’s design can also be used to create an impression about the brand in the mind of new users, it’s imperative to use as much creativity as possible but also stay close to the original branding strategy. Ticket templates, however small, still stay important for branding.

Depending on your budget for the project and other preferences, you can pick from a range of free and premium PSD templates which offer you a lot of versatility when it comes to options. If you are on a very tight budget and don’t mind spending a good amount of time on modifying the templates, free templates are the way to go. However, if you are a professional or need to deliver this for a client, it’s advisable for you to get a premium template that matches your requirement.

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Here’s a list of free and premium PSD ticket mockups you can download and get started:

Free PSD Tickets Mockups Download

Ticket Freebie (Free)

free event ticket template mockup psd


Striped Vintage Event Ticket (Free)

best free event ticket template psd


Free Ticket Design Template PSD (Free)

great event ticket mockup design free psd template


Ticket Template Banners With Blue Abstract Background (Free)

unique event ticket free psd template


Wedding Invitation Ticket Template (Free)

awesome psd template event ticket mockup psd
Vector Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation Design Template


Tiny Ticket Blank Template (Free)

unique free tickets mockup psd template


7 Styled Tickets (Free)

great style event tickets mockup free psd template design


Party Entrance Ticket Collection (Free)

awesome party tickets free mockup psd template


Ticket Coupon Sale Card (Free)

nice and unique event ticket template mockup free psd


Premium PSD Tickets Mockups Download

Event Tickets PSD Mockup

best premium Event Ticket Mockups


Dynamic Portfolio Ticket Mockup

great Event Ticket Mockups premium psd


Premium Ticket Mockup

nice and premium Event Ticket Mockup design psd


Realistic PSD Ticket Mockup

best premium movie tickets psd template mockup design


Event Ticket Mockup v2

awesome event tickets mockup design psd premium template


Print Ready Event Ticket

best premium party ticket mockup psd


VIP Pass Corporate Invitation

cool & premium event vip pass ticket mockup template on psd


Independence Gala Ticket Template

great designed premium event ticket psd template mockup


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