65+ Photoshop Brochure Template Collection You Can Download for FREE! – Full Guide

Looking for cool templates to design your brochures? Check out the Photoshop Brochure Template set. It contains awesome effects and layouts, so you don’t have to create your brochures from scratch. These designs are easy to use and ready to print. All you need to do is simply pick the suitable Photoshop Brochure Template for your business or niche, make some little changes, and voila! It’s amazeballs! Take your brochure-making skills to the next level with this remarkable collection.

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65+ Photoshop Brochure Template Collection You Can Download for FREE!Do you need a template collection to design brochures? Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, you can benefit from using print-ready mockups. For one, it’s easy, and you don’t have to create your brochures and their designs from scratch. Secondly, if you’re in the business of designing brochures, you’d want to scratch off one task so you can proceed with the next. More importantly, it’s more convenient if you have templates to work with.

If you’re searching for brochure templates that are professionally done, easy to use, and ready to print, you’ll love this collection. Check out the Photoshop Brochure Template set. This collection contains over 65 templates, which will surely take your design skills and your business to the next level.

Photoshop Brochure Template Collection

65+ Photoshop Brochure Template Collection You Can Download for FREE!Did you know you can download these templates for FREE? These brochure layouts and effects are designed for formats such as PSD, MS Word Doc, AI, and InDesign. You can choose from its wide spectrum of sizes, designs, and effects. This collection is simply the kind of brochure template set that you need for any niche or business.

You can use the Photoshop Brochure Template set for industries and domains like real estate, tourism and travel, food and beverage, corporate, health and wellness, small and medium business, fashion, creative agencies, automobile, academics, and government, among others.

Simply open the Photoshop Brochure Template of your choice as it relates to your business or niche. Then make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to its text, slogan, logo, and images. These templates are easy to use.

In this article, you can also download Photoshop Brochure Template layouts, which are available in CorelDraw, Microsoft Word and Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, and QuarkXPress formats. You also get the option to download the premium templates, along with the FREE ones.

Easy-to-Learn Tips for Graphic Design Beginners

65+ Photoshop Brochure Template Collection You Can Download for FREE!If you’re like most graphic designers, you’ve probably learned quite a handful of tricks off the internet. Sure, some of you may have had formal classes or even attended crash courses on graphic design. But at the end of each day, you’ve probably scoured for tips and tricks online, combing through forums and such.

In this article, we hope to give you simple tips for beginners (we’re hoping you’re not expecting some flashy tricks or complex design tips). We believe graphic design is something that you learn and develop for yourself. You create your signature moves, so to speak. Something that people can recognize and say that it’s your work.

But if you want to up your skills, we have plenty of resources that you can download. Check out our FREE templates and mockups here.

So without further ado, here are some wisdom and knowledge we gained over the years. We want to share them with you, hoping it will shortcut your way to learning more as you go along your path to better, more improved skills.

Don’t Underestimate Simplicity

Ask yourself: will it hurt your design if you remove one or two superfluous elements? If you feel the urge to cram too much into a smaller canvas, stop. Pause for a moment to compose yourself, take a deep breath, and remember: Simple is beautiful. Having too many colors, elements, typefaces, and what-not on your canvas create nothing but chaos. And that’s not good.

Repetition Is the Key to Improvement

65+ Photoshop Brochure Template Collection You Can Download for FREE!As Bruce Lee put it, fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. Rather fear him who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

You keep doing one thing over and over again. Eventually, you will master it. Repetition is an integral part of being a graphic designer. You improve your skills simply by doing it countless times. Our advice is to find something that you truly love to recreate. Then do it several times thereafter.

Whether it’s an original design or you just saw it while browsing online, keep doing what you do. Apply the same principles you love doing. Recreate the same designs, following the same concepts you hold in your head. The process of copying one thing and then recreating it in subsequent projects will definitely speed up your learning process.

Value the Whitespace

Notice how Apple sticks with modern, contemporary designs. You never see an iPhone or Mac with hard edges. It also plays on the white spaces. The brand is known for its minimalism. This concept may be translated to your designs.

When you need to add text to your designs, pick a high-quality typeface. Instead of filling in the white space, leave it be. You’ll be surprised how good your canvas looks.

Let the Colors Pop

You only have about eight seconds to capture your viewer’s attention with your design. So better make use of that window. But with the sea of designs, how do you make yours stand out? It’s simple. Make the colors pop.

Instead of the pale or muted hues, go for colors that give a lot of oomph! Choose red or yellow or some of those bright neon colors. And to send your message across more effectively, put shorter text in the middle, allowing the viewer to easily focus on it as such as shorter period of time.

Break the Rules

In graphic design, there are no rules. Go with your gut feeling. If there are any rules, break them. Your best guide is your heart and mind. Whatever you feel doing, do it. And do it with such passion and enthusiasm that you get enthralled by it all.

Design a Lot, Do It Often, and Do It More

Feel like your skills are at a plateau? No, they’re not. You’re going to get better. Just keep going. Practice. Design more. Make the best of everything, from the positive notes to the negative feedback. Learn from them. It’s the only way you’ll break through.

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