5 Business Templates Every Small Business Needs – Full Overview

With more than half a million small businesses opening every month, there’s no benefit in building everything from scratch. Successful businesses already use functional versions of numerous documents.

Rather than waste time making original documents or forms, most small businesses use templates. These templates not only improve efficiency immediately but also standardize processes. When everyone works off the same documents, there’s no confusion about the information.

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Business Templates Every Small Business Needs

So let’s dive in and look at some of the more common business templates every small business needs.

1. Application Forms

Whether you collect applications in person at the front counter or online, you want the same basic information from everyone. Some key data every application must collect includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Education
  • Work history

A template formalizes this process and makes it easy for you to scan at a glance. You can tell immediately whether key information is missing.

The best part is that every business needs this information. That means you can modify an existing template with your business info and call it a day.

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2. Billing

A billing template makes sense for lots of reasons.

Launching a template eliminates the risk of deleting information from an active document. Again, it creates a standard-issue organization of information.

This is a template you can easily pick up from someone else. All invoices or billing statements use similar fields unless you work in a rarified business.

3. Schedules

Schedule templates can vary from industry to industry. A manufacturer might operate 24 hours a day, while a business office only runs during standard business hours.

If you can find a template from a similar business in your industry, though, it should need minimal changes for you. A template also gives workers a sense of continuity from the old schedule to the new schedule.

4. Awards

Most businesses hand out some awards to their employees. A common example is the employee of the month or year award.

Building that award from scratch every month gets tedious. So, you might use a certificate design for that award.

5. Email Templates

Modern businesses send out a tremendous number of emails. That means you run the risk of employees getting off-brand if they write every email at the moment. Email templates for sales emails, reminder emails, and payment due emails keep everyone on track.

Want to take consistency to the next level. Use an email signature template for everyone in the company.

Parting Thoughts on Business Templates

Business templates persist for very good reasons.

They save business time on developing widely-used documents. They improve efficiency by standardizing information collection. They can even standardize processes.

The range of available templates is surprising. You can get templates for job applicants, billing, and worker schedules.

You can look for templates for employee awards you hand out on a regular basis. You can even support brand consistency with email templates for sales and reminder emails. Email signature templates offer business-wide consistency in email appearance.

Think that your business needs some brochures? You can even get templates for those.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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