Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your Website – Everything You Should Know About

Do you need artist clipart, graphics, or pictures to use for your website? Wondering where you can find these images? Unfortunately, there is a risk of copyright infringement if you just take photos that are under copyright protection without permission. Stealing copyright-protected images is always a big no-no. So we’ve gathered some of the best artist clipart styles and images that you can use without the risk of copyright violation.

Looking for a new and updated selection of the best artist clipart styles and pictures for your design needs? You’ll be glad to know there’s a lot of that available online. No need to rely on Microsoft for your heart clipart or Christmas clipart designs (by the way, if you haven’t heard the news, Microsoft dumped its artist clipart line; in its place is the Bing image search access).

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Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your Website

If your style is confined to simple designs like flower clipart or snowflake clipart, you can find a lot of free stuff in the public domain. Unprotected and freely accessible. However, if you’re looking for a whole lot more intricate than your usual fare of school clipart styles, we have something in store for you.

Perhaps a football clipart design. It’s perfect if you’re working on an NFL-themed design (Hey! Superbowl just recently concluded). Or some graphics for the appropriate event like birthdays or weddings. Perhaps a Christmas or Halloween clipart design. How about a Thanksgiving clipart style? We got you covered. Take advantage of the selection from these resources we’re featuring below.

We have scoured the online resources to look for the best artist clipart styles and graphics that you can use without the risk of copyright concerns. We invite you to check out this collection of artist clipart designs.

You can modify and use these images as you wish. More importantly, you can trust no media artist or his or her representative will chase after you. Or send a nasty letter asking you to refrain from using the graphics.

Check out the gorgeous artist clipart designs from Creative Market and Graphic River.

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Storefront Apparel Mockups Bundle

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDo you need an artist clipart / realistic mockup system that features garments? Check out Storefront. It’s one of the best-selling apparel mockups. In fact, it’s the only mockup system that’s ultra-realistic. Even pro photographers can’t differentiate the mockups from the actual product pics.

Here’s what you’ll have when you get the Storefront Apparel Mockups bundle. The Photoshop templates are high-resolution mockups, which look very real. These images are created by professionals. Every mockup shot or created is included in this package. This means you’re getting more than $2,000 worth of products when you get the Storefront mockup system. You’ll never have to buy another mockup or shoot for a product photo again.

Storefront Apparel Mockups package is ideal for beginners because it’s easy to use. Each Photoshop mockup template features beautiful product images, which can help generate more clothing or apparel sales. The templates are color-coded and include detailed PDF tutorials.

Need artist clipart images that feature garments? Get the Storefront Apparel Mockups Bundle today. You don’t only get access to every current template; you also get instant access to every mockup made in the future. Didn’t see the mockup you want? You can message the creator with your request for new apparel mockups.

Personalized Portrait Creator

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDo you want personalized illustrations that can add a distinct touch to your design projects? You’ll love this gorgeous artist clipart style. The Personalized Portrait Creator is exactly what its name implies. This bundle features unique, hand-drawn portraits. It truly adds a personal touch to your images.

The Personalized Portrait Creator is great to have on hand if you’re working on wedding-related designs. It’s a handy tool for creating personalized stationery products and unique bridesmaid gifts. Because they feature a personal touch, the recipient of these wedding favors can’t help but feel special.

In the latest update, the bundle includes artist clipart designs that allow you to make beautiful portraits for Grandma and Grandpa. You can also customize the eye colors too in this new package. What’s more, you can include your pets in the portrait too. This artist clipart package includes about 90 cat and dog templates.

But it doesn’t stop there. You get over 155 portrait outfit patterns along with 120 floral design elements. Get whimsically creative and go crazy as you design a storm of an illustration with this artist clipart package. Truly a one-stop shop for your portrait design needs.

The Personalized Portrait Creator comes with written instructions. Or you can opt for a comprehensive tutorial video. It’s a big zip file, so downloading it may take a while (depending on your Internet speed). To use this bundle, you need to have Adobe Illustrator CS3 – CC or Adobe Photoshop CS3 – CC.

Une Fille Watercolor Artistic Set

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDo you love watercolor art and doodles? Then this artist clipart is for you. Check out Une Fille. It’s a sketch style bundle that features watercolor designs handcrafted with love and passion for art. The unpredictable movement of watercolor, coupled with the liberty of doodling, creates dreamy yet sexy graphics. It looks very elegant.

The Une Fille Watercolor Artistic package contains embellished letters. You can choose from its variety of alphabet styles and letter colors. The set also features 13 PNG luxurious wreaths, 6 PNG gorgeous bouquets, 2 PNG seamless patterns, 58 PNG separate elements, and 2 PNG card templates. All PNG files are of high-resolution quality and have a transparent background.

Frame Mockup Bundle Vol. 3

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteLooking for the perfect branding tool for your business or creation? Creative people, bloggers, shop owners, and artists may want to take note of this. The Frame Mockup Bundle Vol. 3 contains great artist clipart templates for people looking to advertise, market, or promote their brand.

This artist clipart package is easy to use. Simply add or overlay your text message on the selected mockup. You can utilize this for website design or social media marketing. It’s also ideal for printed advertising materials.

The Frame Mockup Bundle Vol. 3 features templates using PSD, PNG, and JPG formats with varied high-quality resolutions. It has a realistic shadow on/off feature with smart objects in every file. Best of all, it’s easy to use.

If you need a branding design tool for your business or website or printed marketing material, get the Frame Mockup Bundle Vol. 3.

The Nightling – Art Project

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDiscover the simplicity of design but with a touch of elegance. It’s an awesome blend of style with superb applicability and exceptional versatility. Check out The Nightling.

This classy artist clipart features a strong contrast of light and darkness. Yin and yang of sophistication and simplicity. The result is a chic graphics package, which was inspired by the glow of the full moon illuminating everything that the light touches.

The creator of The Nightling included a handwritten alphabet in this set along with the botanical and sketch art. The letters in this package are saved as PNG and PSD format, set in high-quality resolution, and transparent background.

Here’s what to expect with The Nightling package. You’ll receive uppercase letters in PNG and PSD format, which may be customized. You’ll also get lowercase letters, which are handwritten, along with alternative characters. There are also 14 individual simple elements and 6 adorned elements. What’s more, you get 13 watercolor backgrounds, 25 botanical illustrations, 6 geometric designs, and 8 wreaths.

If you’re looking for an artist clipart package, you’ll love The Nightling. This graphic set is an excellent choice for logo designs, company branding, wall art, product packaging, or party theme.

Burgundy & Navy Floral Graphic Set

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteWant to feature a floral graphic design for your logo or packaging? Discover an exceptional work of art. Check out the Burgundy & Navy Floral Graphic Set. This bundle contains exquisitely hand-drawn watercolor designs with transparent backgrounds.

The Burgundy & Navy Floral Graphic Set contains 13 flowers, 15 leaves, 6 buds, 17 floral frames, 9 flower wreaths, and 17 flower bouquets. The letters also feature a flowery design. The bundle includes 26 floral uppercase alphabet in black and gold, including ampersand designs (also in black and gold).

Set in PNG format, the Burgundy & Navy Floral Graphic Set can be opened using most graphic and design software. For best results, make sure to check the compatibility of your software.

Decorative Frames and Borders Art Nouveau

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDo you need stylish frames and borders for your artwork, logo, or branding? Check out these Decorative Frames and Borders – Art Nouveau style. You can use these elegant edges as a festive element for your photos or paintings. It’s ideal for use with standard A4 backgrounds.

The Decorative Frames and Border – Art Nouveau style is available for around $5-$6 if you want to get the regular license version. Under this version, you can use this artist clipart bundle in a single end product. But there’s an extended license version, which is priced around $70-$75.

24 Clean and Modern Bridges

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteNeed a chic artist clipart element for your logo? Choose from among the 24 designs with the 24 Clean and Modern Bridges bundle. With this stylish set, you get 24 different style designs that will look good for your logo, branding, or artwork needs.

This conceptual decoration is layered and includes graphic files in Photoshop PSD and Vector EPS formats. To use this artist clipart bundle, you only need the minimum Adobe CS version.

For the regular license version, you can get the 24 Clean and Modern Bridges set for around $11. On the other hand, the extended license version is priced at around $105.

Modern Dance Silhouettes

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteDo you love to dance? Want to feature dancing in your logo or design? You’ll love this clipart bundle. Check out the smooth and highly detailed vector that features the silhouettes of male and female dancers in action.

The Modern Dance Silhouettes is a wonderful tool when you need to create or enhance an existing logo, symbol, icon, sticker, sign, or any design. Contained in a bid zip file, these artist clipart templates are saved in JPEG high resolution, with PNG transparent background.

The dancing activities in this design template bundle include ballet and couple dancing. The dancer’s poses include that of a ballerina as well as contemporary dancing routines like jumping, aerobic and fitness, and acrobat moves. There are also erotic and sensual dance poses here.

For the regular license, you can get the Modern Dance Silhouettes package for around $8. But the extended license version is priced at around $80.

Security Concept

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteIf you’re working on a logo or design for a security-related business or artwork, here’s wonderful artist clipart you might be interested in. The Security Concept template features computer- and security-related graphics. The elements in the image include a computer with a padlock in its screen. There are also design elements that suggested security protection against online virus breaches.

The Security Concept package, for its regular license version, is priced at around $5. The extended license version is around $75.

Abstract Circuit Board Background – 2

Awesome Artist Clipart Styles & Graphics for Your WebsiteHere’s a great artist clipart set you can use for business logo designs or company presentations. Featuring an abstract mix of dark blue hue with a prominent element in the form of a shiny circuit board. The Abstract Circuit Board Background 2 package is a stylish element for website banner background, brochures, digital posters, wallpapers, technology development designs, and more. Lay in your font and you get a beautifully implemented business-themed template. It’s an accurately designed, artist clipart creation.

For its regular license, the Abstract Circuit Board Background 2 package is priced at around $4. But you can get the extended license version for around $60.


We hope our selection was helpful to you. This curated collection is free of copyright issues and is appropriate for your business, logo, branding, website design, or art creation needs. If you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We may be able to find the artist clipart templates you really want.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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