Subtle Ways in Which Animation Helps Website Usability – In-Depth Guide

How subtle animation can increase user interest and interaction with your site?

As a web developer, you are already aware of how SEO techniques create higher SERPs. Additionally, the professional designer understands the need for organic content and for user engagement.

Yet, how can this be accomplished without falling into the realm of clichés or overpowering the site with superfluous media? The answer is animation, specifically animation coupled with 3D models.

Subtle Ways in Which Animation Helps Website Usability

We can see major companies such as Forbes Library, Bing, and PBS using 3D and animation in their website designs. Here are some subtle ways you can add animation to your site to increase user interactivity.

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3D Forms That Shake, Scale, and Interact with the Person Filling Them Out

The traditional viewpoint on filling out online forms is that people tend to avoid it when they can. Putting information into an online form is just as boring as accomplishing the task with pen and paper.

Where it may be difficult to add flair and excitement to a traditional paper form, it is quite possible to attract more viewers through the subtle act of adding interaction within the form.

As the person fills out the form, the color can change or the actual text box can move. It may not seem like much, but any little effort that can be put into a website to add appeal is worth looking into.

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3D Mascot or Logos

3D models are not just used for the latest game to hit the scene. They can be utilized in many different fashions. One of the most popular is the 3D logo or mascot to represent a company.

A company of any size has a logo of some sort and adding 3-dimensional touch to the website through the logo design gives your entire page much more appeal simply because the images do not appear flat.

3D aspects allow for the page to have a polished and professional look that appeals to more people as opposed to a page that was put together in a matter of minutes by an amateur.

For example, courtesy of Promax

3D Intros and Exits to Multimedia Videos

Videos need a bit of flare in order for them to appeal to the masses. We have seen this in the evolution of big-screen movies throughout the years. In the early years of movies, the movie was simply presented without any real visual effects.

That was fine for that era because the moving picture was new and interesting all on its own, but now if a movie does not have a good intro and a dramatic ending it is often not one of the most popular movies to be seen.

You are able to apply this notion to your website. Adding some 3D aspects to both the intros as well as the exits such as on this youtube video


will add the visual appeal you need to make your videos stand out among the crowd.

3D Slideshows and Interactive Products Such as 360 Rotations and Interactive Infographics

Interaction is one aspect of website design that will gain attention. People like to be entertained in everything that they do. Product websites have begun to realize this and use it to make a profit. 360-degree rotations of new vehicles and even just simple products that are on the market enable the viewer to have a better grasp of what they are about to purchase.

Informative websites are getting on this bandwagon as well with interactive infographics that give people the information they desire in a fun way. It allows them to interact with the system and create scenarios that are specific to their need rather than just a flat infographic image that just offers general information.

3D Support Chat

Automated systems have gotten a bad reputation since their inception. Their use has made it to were calling for support seems like a fate worse than death, but much of the sting of this act has been taken away with the support chat option that most companies now have.

The wait can still be annoying at times, but with interaction through 3D features, you can keep your customers entertained while they wait. A simple 3D model like the one found at that talks along with the customer or even one that plays a simple ball game with the customer while they wait will make for some pretty happy customers.


The need to stand out is more important than ever before with the number of websites that are on the internet today.

It is however not always the most expensive websites that get the traffic, but the ones that put forth the effort to include the subtle differences that enable them to rise above the pack.

These subtle 3D additions to your website will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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